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Rural Energy Development Programme is ending in December 2010 after its 14 years operation. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as well as the Government of Nepal/Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (GoN/AEPC) has agreed to extend partnership in this sector for consolidation of best practices learnt from the past; and scaling up energy access with decentralized energy systems for better linkages with the enterprise development and productive en uses. The specific objectives identify for future UNDP/AEPC supported programme are to
  1. Develop strategy for safe exit ensuring the internationalization and institutionalization of best practices into AEPC;
  2. Support GoN/AEPC for harmonized implementation of various renewable energy initiatives under a broader programmatic formwork aligned with Project Identification Form (PIF) submitted to Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Secretariat ;
  3. Support GoN/AEPC to continue implementation of the WB supported MHVEP and ongoing micro hydro schemes under this programme;
  4. analyse and recommend key areas for UNDP supports to GoN for accelerated growth of Rural Energy (RE) sector from the short, medium and long term perspectives;
  5. Provide special emphasis and draw linkages between financial, market mechanisms and rural livelihoods in the promotion of RE Sector.

In order to fulfill these objectives a five year programme called "Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihood (RERL) programme" has been conceptualized and submitted to GEF for their review and endorsement. The fiv3e year RERL programme is tentatively planned to start from the beginning of 2013. To bridge the gap between April 2011 and January 2013 a two year RERL pridging programme document has been designed based on the foundations of ifve year RERL project concept already submitted to GEF.

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