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›› Transition from REDP to RERL:

  1. For managing the transition from project to programme approach and adopting a fully harmonised system of programme management by GoN/AEPC, AEPC from the support of Senior Policy and Planning Advisor will engage into discussion with the relevant partners, programme formulation missions and various working groups or task force and develop action plans to internalized REDP systems and practices in future RE programmes. Internalization should be understood as inclusion of best practice operation and programmatic modality in the Government's future programmes.
  2. It is understood that in this process of internalization, the institutions created by REDP to support the local government in renewable energy planning and development should be funded under regular budgets of the local governments. However, if there is budgetary shortfall, the donors may support through central budgetary system for few years.
  3. Communities which need post project support for sustainable operation of the renewable project and its application in livelihood options should be supported by GoN/AEPC through its link institutions mandated to work in respective geographical areas.
  4. UNDP support to renewable energy beyond 2012 may concentrate in providing technical as well as financial support to intensify UN campaign for energy for sustainable development and extend support to new innovative energy initiatives contributing to meeting MDGs and climate change agenda. However, these supports will be provided under larger programmatic framework for promotional of RE sector lead by AEPC.

Transfer of assets and properties:
The existing assets and properties under REDP will be transferred to RERL project. For property and asset management matter, standard procedures of UNDP in collaboration with GoN will be adopted.

Continuation of support to KIND project:
As in the past, the new RERL programme management unit will continue providing support to implementation of KIND project as defined by KIND project document and guided by subsequent decisions of KIND PEB meetings and other relevant documents. The NPM of RERL will continue to manage the KIND project as usual.

Operational modalities:
Unless otherwise specified, the operational modality of RERL programme implementation for initial 2 years will follow the modalities adopted by REDP III. The technical and operational guidelines prepare by REDP over the years will remain valid for the implementation of RERL programme as well.

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