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From the first year of RERL (April 2011), the operation of DEES in 26 districts including the salaries of EDOs will be supported by Government of Nepal through AEPC. The 32 districts, which are not under the AEPC/WB MHVEP programme coverage currently and where DEEUs have been doing in promotion of RE activities in those districts.

In the spirit of gradual institutionalization of all the district level structures and staff positions within the government system, GoN/AEPC will explore the possibility of internalizing these sections/units into government system from the next fiscal year 2011/2012. The internalization plan as committed with GoN/AEPC remains as follows.

  1. Internalize the EDOs of 26 districts within GoN/AEPC, salaries of EDOs and other costs related to operation of DEES will be fully covered by GoN/AEPC/WB sources effective from 1 April 2011.
  2. DEES of the remaining 14 districts (out of 40 DEES originally supported under UNDP/REDP) will be converted into DEEUs. The salaries of EDOs and cost of operation of 14 DEEUs will be fully covered by GoN/AEPC/WB sources effective from 1 April 2011.
  3. The operation of remaining 32 DEEUs, which are not under WB program, will be funded jointly by UNDP and GoN/AEPC. A gradual process of internalization will be explored by GoN/AEPC, so that by end of 2012, all DEEUs are fully operational under GoN/AEPC's budget.

Simultaneously, GoN/AEPC is requested to make necessary arrangements to fund the EDOs for all the DEESs. The district programmes in each cluster will be gradually implemented by the Government appointed/designated staff at DDC under harmonized implementation framework. Meanwhile, GoN/AEPC will explore to jointly support the programme field offices under government contribution.

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