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The new RERL programme intends to contribute to increase the access to energy services and promote productive end uses by creating favourable institutional and policy environment in RE sector. During the programme period, the technical support/assistance will be provided to create planning, executing, monitoring and evaluating capacities within AEPC and DDCs and at community level as relevant. At the same time, support will be provided to create enabling policy environment to enhance private and public sector capacities for manufacturing and installations of electro-mechanical equipments to match the increasing demands of RE sector. The major focus of RERL during the transition period (2011/2012) will be to provide support to install 4.25 MW power plants from micro-hydro; support GoN/AEPC to develop favourable institutional and policy environment and develop necessary capacity to harmonize renewable energy related actions supported by different agencies leading to comprehensive Sector Wise Approach for RE sector in the long run. Howerver, the commitment under UNDP-CPAP is to generate 3.15 MW of energy.

The program will also support for creating an enabling environment at the community level to take lead on accessing and utilizing renewable energy solutions; to build linkages between community and micro/macro finance institutions, market developments/information and possible partnership opportunities for implementing livelihood enhancement programme.

This program will mainly bridge the obvious gaps seen in RE sector through continued support to GoN/AEPC. The programme implementation will insure complementarities with other RE programmes by fostering partnership with central and local government, institutions, private sector and other development partners. Under the guidance of GoN/AEPC the programme will closely work with the Ministry of Local Development (MOLD) and the programmed DDCs to develop models of institutionalization of DEES/DEEU. It is expected that AEPC will establish a formal working relationship with MOLD to support RERL implementation at the programme districts and Association of District Development Committee Nepal (ADDCN) and National Association of Village Development Committee in Nepal (NAVIN) will be vital partners to undertake advocacy and capacity building activities for the local government and develop Guidelines and training packages for strengthening decentralized energy planning systems, promoting public private partnership mechanism at the community level and internalization of DEES/U within the DDC structure. The suppor to be provided by the programme to these institutions will be guided by GoN/AEPC.

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